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Pasteur Street

Windhoek Office

Welcome to the Namibian Development Trust Website. A Non-Govermental Organisation found in 1987 by different civil society organisations to channel aid from European Commission to “victims of apartheid”. It later transformed itself in playing an active role in Community Development. As an NGO NDt works with historically marginalised rural and urban communities to build thir power to act for social change, through capacity building initiatives.


NDT envisages a society that is made up of self-reliant communities capable of self-management and able in determining their own destiny by mobilizing local and external resources and promoting participatory and more equitable development.


NDT aims to develop organisational and institutional capacities of rural and urban marginalised communities through people centred development within an enabling environment that aims to ensure improved livelihoods and empower communities to act for so­cio economic justice and social change.

Core Work

Our core work is rural organisational capacity building these organisations are community based organisations, conservancies and cooperatives. Our commitment is towards the power of people to organise themselves for development. Our driving ideology is that if people are in control of their own socio-economic future than development will always be people centred and be initiated from the bottom up.

Strategic Objectives

•Build Organisation of Rural Poor

•Promote People-Centred Develop­ment Approach

•Facilitate Development Co-ordina­tion

•Ensure Operational Sustainability

Our definition of community develop­ment is partly attributed to our practi­cal on the ground experience of what works and what does not work. At the top of the list of the criteria that quali­fies rural development projects is com­munity ownership, a central theme in every project that we have imple­mented. The simple idea that com­munities should have ownership over the projects that are implemented in their areas is a key ingredient to suc­cessful rural development projects.

 Having being involved in the rural de­velopment of Namibia there are many lesson we have come to appreciate. We have equally grown in capacity and experi­ence and thus have developed a strong rural development portfolio that is reflected in the different projects that we have implemented over a course of 23 years. 

Although, we are very aware that there is much to be done to improve the livelihoods of the rural commu­nities it is our commitment towards our vision and mission statement that renews our continued efforts to address rural development needs.